This Man Shares His Experience with the Most Powerful Psychedelic on Earth

This is Tom, an incredible being on a journey to his higher self.

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My dear friend Tom, welcome. Can you present yourself with a bit of a background?

Hi, I’m Tom. I’m from the UK. I’ve been living in Colombia for three years. This is now my new home. I always miss my friends and family, but I go back home enough to say hi to them, I’m very happy here.

I work in marketing; I also have a business that involves clothing that blocks electromagnetic radiation from things such as Wi-Fi, cell phones, antennas, and anything with electromagnetic radiation.

So, we’re talking about magic mushroom. How did you first encounter magic mushroom?

Through a friend of mine, Juan Pablo. I think he’s featured on this series as well. I knew various people who had had great experiences, I heard great things and I know he puts a lot of love and positive energy into his work. It’s his passion. You’ve got to do these things with the right people or buy them from the right people, and he just seemed like the perfect guy.

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So you never heard of it before coming to Colombia?

I had heard of it. Probably more in a recreational sense, like let’s have some fun on a Saturday afternoon type of sense. I think you’ll always have some sort of spiritual experience, even if you’re using it in a recreational sense, you still reach those planes. But I hadn’t heard so much about the more kind of spiritual structured side, really setting intentions, doing it in groups, music, fire, all the things that make it even more magical.

So, you’ve been there using mushroom as a tool for your healing process. How long has it been? And do you use it rarely or regularly… what’s the life benefits you’ve been having.

I started trying micro doses, just to see how it was, but in April 2020, about six months ago, I did my first full dose. I don’t do them that much. I think there’s a point where you have to respect them, but now I’ve had a few great ceremonies with friends and also in spiritual houses as well.

Yeah, it takes time to process, at least one month. It takes time to recover mentally and integrate what you learn.

Yes, one hundred percent.

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Have you noticed any benefits in your day to day life since then?

Yeah, it’s really difficult to explain these things. When you take the mushrooms you see things in a different way. It’s kind of like they open your mind. When you look at nature, you see the energy kind of flowing through it. The plants change colors, they talk with the sky.

I don’t mean talk literally, but you kind of see streams of energy and you start to realize how connected everything in nature is and how connected we are with nature. That’s one of the biggest ones, just to really feel that internally.

But for me, mushrooms have always been a fun, positive, laughing experience where you go where you want. I’ve always had great trips. I think that’s because I’ve done it in the right setting and with the right people. You can hold on to the laughter and the inner joy, you can go back and feel it through like any point. Even though it’s a psychedelic trip, so to speak, it’s so present within you that you can connect with it at any point.

You learn that life can be fun, it can be simple, always, we just like to overcomplicate things.

I learned something very nice from you. You told me when you take like one gram or a gram and a half, it’s like the energy of a plane, your mind is trying to control, there’s turbulence, but when you take like two, three grams, it’s like the mind is not there anymore, and then you’re just flying smoothly. And that is so true. It’s so true.

I love it; I had great experiences taking a bit less as well. Sometimes it can be nice to still have the mind kicking in. To me, the real magic happens when you suddenly get shot into higher levels of consciousness.

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Do you have a healing mushroom story that you would like to share about yourself or a friend?

Yeah, I figure it is easier to share about myself.

Last time we did it in a Temazcal. So for those who don’t know what that is, it’s kind of like a spiritual sauna steam room. It’s called the uterus of the womb, very feminine energy. And it’s sort of a wooden structure, and there’s a fire in the middle and you put loads of cloths and blankets over you and steam it out.

It helps to sweat out and steam out all negative things going on in the body, either physically or emotionally. And then you combine that with mushrooms, and it takes it to another level. What I found last time is it took me right back to a very primal state of being, in fact, at one point I was actually eating the ground and the grass and just kind of roaring like a lion, and it was quite fun.

That’s what we evolved from, and it’s just quite fun to get back to that simple way of being, instead of being sat in front of computers like we are all day or staring at a phone screen, which is not healthy for us.

You don’t need to eat dirt and grass or roar like a lion to do that. But actually connecting back to that helps, at a more extreme level, to release all that tension and really help us remember the simplicity of what life truly is. I was telling you earlier about getting away from my screen more, getting out in nature more, and it’s just those simple little things that we forget, it really helped me to connect back to that.

What’s the difference between doing mushroom in ceremony settings, compared to doing it by yourself at home.

Yeah, so I’ve never done them by myself. Even when I use them in a recreational sense, I’ve always done them in nature. If not in nature, in the Temazcal, it’s much more beautiful when there’s a Shaman, a fire, and you have a really safe and protected space, because you can just completely let go, you just know that everything’s under control.

If you’re thinking about this and it’s your first time and you’re a little nervous and scared, there’s nothing to be scared of. Down the line when you get used to it, you can have a very beautiful experience on your own. I’ve gone up to the mountains or taken a half hour walk, it is still very magical in nature, the colors are still there.

But there’s always… if you’re in a hiking trail and somebody walks by you, the mind can kick in, and you might start wondering what they think about you. So, I always prefer the ceremonial setting, but I’m happy to try a bit of both.

I’ve never experienced the ceremony. Juan Pablo was telling me this week that I need to try it. He said the live music the Shaman is playing can go through your body and move your energy, like release emotions. But when you do it by yourself, it’s more like you’re having an out of body experience, like something from the fourth dimension. He said in ceremonies you’re like in the second dimension, in your emotion. I don’t know if you can relate to that.

I love the music, you know me very well. It’s one of my favorite parts of any of these ceremonies, so 100% on that one.

To finish, do you want to share something about Mushrooms, about the world?

For me these plants are tools, really beneficial tools. It’s not about abusing them and thinking I’ll go and take a load of mushrooms and my life will be sorted. No, I really think these plants can benefit anybody.

It’s great to have a controlled environment, a ceremony setting intentions. But what’s really important is to then come out of that and apply what you’ve learned to your life and use other techniques such as yoga, meditation, eating healthy, exercising, keeping your body clean, keeping your mind clean, and living with integrity and honesty.

Doing this, your day to day life becomes more and more magical. And then every now and then when the time’s right, you can go away to the right environment, to the right place, and use the plants. Be it mushrooms or any other tools out there, whatever you connect with. It’s about finding that right balance and reintegrating it into your life.

I think these are things that anyone can benefit from, they’re really magical, and if it’s something you’re considering, find the right person, make sure you’re in the right environment, and just go for it. There’ll never be the right time, there’ll never be the perfect moment, but you’ll love it in the end.

You need to feel it. We’re so blessed to have Juan Pablo, those mushrooms are really next level. As you rightly said, setting is everything. You talked about integration. Do you have any advice about that?

Yeah, I think this is going to very much depend on each person and what’s right for you. For me, a structured and great morning routine just completes my day. I get up, I do a short, sharp exercise, and stretch. I’m working on my posture right now, so I do a lot of work to get my shoulders back. And then I have various meditations that I do every day.

I think it’s just whatever gets your mind back and focused into that state. Whatever works for you. For some people, it could be swimming 50 laps, whatever helps you feel and connect. Certainly nature has got to be a big one, just get out, take your shoes off, walk barefooted, connect with the earth, or different things like that.

There are lots of resources online. Anyone’s welcome to reach out to me and have a chat about this. I love it. I’ll be happy to help.

Amazing, that was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story.

Thank you. Thanks for having me on.

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