Step by step 0 to 8000$ per month: A Complete Marketing Guide for Solo Entrepreneurs

How to start living out of your personal brand

There are 3 levels in a bootstrapped business for young entrepreneurs:

1 — Reach 100k$ of annual sales. You need to master Sales and Marketing which include product-market fit, branding, social media management, boosting word to mouth
2 — Reach 500k$ of annual sales. You need to master Operations which include managing a team of 5–6 members, delegating tasks, building Standard Operation system, start a company culture, track KPIs on each business dimension.

3 — Reach 1m$ of annual sales. You need to master leadership skills which include active listening, giving mental support, being an inspiration, coach team member, generate enthusiast, build a strong company culture, give credits, show how its done, high achiever, constant learner of life, reached high spiritual level releasing emotions, takes responsibility, says “we”, problem solver, fix breakdowns, stay strong during a crisis.

40+ solo entrepreneurs & contractors pushing each other to double our monthly income together in 30 days.

In this article, we’ll talk about the steps to reach your first 100k$ annually.

This process for a new entrepreneur can take 1–2 years. I've listed a monthly scale of revenue, type of service/product and time of execution as a reference but don't fully rely on them it also depends on many other factors.

Type of service/product scale:
1. Selling Low Ticket Service/Product: Value of 10–100$
2. Selling Medium Ticket Service/Product: Value of 100–500$
3. Selling High Ticket Service/Product: 500–2000$

Step 1: Build a product-market fit

Selling Low Ticket Service/Product
1–3rd months

  • Take action, launch a product an invite your friends
  • Offer your service/product a few times to at least 100 customers
  • Constantly improve, tweak your service/product toward total satisfaction and genuine life-changing customer experience

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Step 2: Learn deeply about all your customer’s needs

Selling Low Ticket Service/Product
3–4th months

  • Create a customer avatar and business model canva
  • Find unique communication channels to find your audience
  • Start building a community, detailed database and find new customer needs you could satisfy with a freebie or giveaway contest or collaboration

Create a business model canva
Customer avatar and journey template

40+ solo entrepreneurs & contractors pushing each other to double our monthly income together in 30 days.

Step 3: Create an appealing brand

Selling Low Ticket Service/Product
4–5th months

  • Find an attractive name and slogan
  • Create a logo and core social media pages with trendy banners (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube). Write a first article presentation and vision for your brand
  • Build the marketing of your service/product while customers are interacting with it. (photos, video trailer, video interview, poster, flyers)

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Step 4: Build Social Proof

Selling Low & Medium Ticket Service/Product
5–6th months

  • Collect customer reviews (written and video) that you’ll link on your website, social media, and a review platform like Trustpilot
  • Build a first landing page with a lead magnet
  • Create second level social media pages to help your google first-page reference (Unsplash, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn)

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40+ solo entrepreneurs & contractors pushing each other to double our monthly income together in 30 days.

Step 5: Automate sales with a website

Selling Low & Medium Ticket Service/Product
6–8th months

  • Create an eCommerce store (Shopify is by far the best offering out there but can lead to 500$/months with all the apps so starting with with WooCommerce is a good option)
  • Start connecting your store with automation apps for newsletters, SMS, popup, urgency incentive, upsell, discount promotion on specific holidays, etc)

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Step 6: Create content to drive traffic toward your site

Selling Low & Medium Ticket Service/Product
8–10th months

  • Choose one marketing channel of choice and go all-in on it (create high-quality videos for youtube or articles for Medium and Linkedin or consistent photos and short videos for Instagram)
  • Create a content creation calendar
  • Reach out to potential collaborators to cross-promote your content

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40+ solo entrepreneurs & contractors pushing each other to double our monthly income together in 30 days.

Step 7: Develop a word to mouth strategy, growth hacking

Selling Low & Medium Ticket Service/Product
8–10th months

  • Create marketing affiliate referring commissions and find 2 other creative growth hacking techniques pushing the word to mouth.
  • Create a Loyalty Plan
  • Build a team of 5–8 ambassadors

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Step 8: Build visibility exchange partnerships and collaboration

Selling Low & Medium & High Ticket Service/Product
10–12th months

  • Research and list all potential small partnerships in your industry (brands, businesses, influencers)
  • Hire a business developer, build an exchange of visibility agreement. Create a B2B sale funnel tracker to follow the work your Business Developer
  • The best strategy is to create interviews for podcasts or other communication channels. The interviewee will share with his database and you are building content you can adapt for different channels. You are also creating a deep relation with this person opening up personally about his life.

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40+ solo entrepreneurs & contractors pushing each other to double our monthly income together in 30 days.