From full-time Football to Shaman: this Gringo Paisa heals people with an Amazon frog’s venom 😱

Soon, you’ll ear the name of this Shaman everywhere in Medellin

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Welcome, Juan Pablo. Can you let me know a bit about you?

My name is Juan Pablo. I’m half American, half Colombian, what people would call “gringo paisa”. I have a little bit of both cultures in me. I played soccer most of my life, I dedicated my life to sports.

There came a point in my life where that period and time ended. And I felt really confused about what to do because I sacrificed a lot of what a normal kid does. At certain ages, like teenage years, you go out with your friends and you party. I didn’t do any of this stuff. So I got to live all of these things later on in life.

As soon as my professional career in sports ended I found myself living in Miami. I had a lot of friends in the music business, with the women, the parties, the drugs, and the likes. I got to experience a lot of the left side of the hole, the opposite of what spirituality is like, the darkness. Like the addictions, like very mundane and sensory pleasure types of things.

One day I stumbled upon a YouTube video, it was a testimonial of this guy that had experienced what they call a “master plant dieta” in Peru. It’s like an immersion where you go into the jungle, and you’re in isolation in these little huts, and you do a specific diet without salt and you go deep with different plants that the shamans specifically make for you. There is also the Ayahuasca Ceremony, which was my first spark of awakening to find who I truly was because I was completely identified with what I did.

My ego was like, “Okay, if I’m not a soccer player, then who am I?” What else do I know how to do? I dedicated so many hours into mastering this and now this is over. So, the medicine and cleaning my body so much showed me that I had other abilities.

After the third eye opening spiritual life experience I went back to the unhealthy environment I was living in. I got back in my old sabotaging cycles until I finally reached rock bottom. Fortunately for me I was finally able to break those chains and the bondages that were keeping me in suffering. Eventually, I found really good teachers who were willing to show me the way.

They introduced me to Kambo. So Ayahuasca was the first plant that came into my life, and the second master plant, Master frog medicine was the Kambo medicine. And what this medicine did was cut all my addictions from the root. It cut everything I was addicted to, it cleaned my energy, my sexual energy, because at that point I was hopping around and being with different women, and also mixing in like different substances.

The Kambo was the only thing that gave me strength and clarity of mind to know what the next steps in my life were. It gave me the mental and emotional strength to own and accept who I am. Because in a way, I was doing all the things I was doing because of a lack of self-acceptance and lack of love. But I always didn’t consider myself that sick with my body, but my emotions and my mind and my spirit were extremely sick.

So, Kambo is an amazing medicine, it resets the body and allows the body to fully exercise its ability to heal itself at the cellular level.

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How did you first encounter Kambo?

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So, during the Ayahuasca retreat that I went to in Peru, I had a vision of a frog. At that time, I had no idea what Kambo was, and I had no idea how to interpret the messages that the plan was telling me. Sometimes it takes years to understand the message that came to you. So I kind of just blew it off and ignored it until I came here to Colombia.

In Colombia I started doing my Kundalini program, I became a Kundalini teacher. And one of my teachers in Kundalini was like, “There’s this guy in Cocorna, it’s a place up in the mountains here in Colombia, who works with this frog medicine.” He didn’t say much about what it was and what it does, but I had the same feeling I had when I first encountered the YouTube video about Ayahuasca, I felt the same feeling. After that, I felt like I had to do it.

I got in touch with the guy and I went up and did my first Kambo ceremony. The next few weeks were just incredible in the sense that doors started opening up. People were texting me that I hadn’t talked to in years. I was working in marketing at the time and I got a bunch of offers for different jobs. So, all of these synchronicities started aligning, only with one session.

So, I was like, wow, this is powerful stuff. So I kept going. And eventually, that guy became one of my great teachers and mentors today. And we now both give shamanic training courses mixed with Kundalini Yoga online, and we also host retreats together.

It’s beautiful how everything begins to line up with patience and time, you just have to keep putting in the work. Eventually, you’ll find out who you are and your gifts.

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Since you’ve been working with Kambo, what were the benefits for you and how did it change your life for the long term?

So many benefits.

The first one is that I don’t get sick. I can’t remember the last time I got the flu, I can’t remember the last time I had a cold, anything of that sort.

So, it’s like the ability to stay at a high vibration for a long time. And with that consistency, you’re able to achieve a lot of things, because if you’re constantly sick, or you’re going up, up, up, and then you have chronic fatigue or you’re overworked and then you have to rest for a certain period, it’s like you’re losing that momentum.

By not getting sick alone, it’s like I can have a steady flow and the steady flame is still going and I’m able to progress with more ease and with more grace, instead of like that, push, push, push and then come down really steep. I’m able to navigate life situations easier. Outside circumstances don’t move me as much as they did before. Like, I’m more of my center. Yeah, I just feel more confident. It’s just like this calm strength that doesn’t even need to be expressed with words, I just feel it.

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Do you still do Kamboo regularly?

Yes, I do it about once a month, sometimes once every two months, I kind of feel it because when I’m in a ceremony when people are purging, I’m constantly receiving stuff like that. I also have my things to protect my energy, etc. But there comes a point where it becomes a little bit draining. So Kambo is a great tool just to reset my energetic field.

And it also recharges the liver, which is responsible for rejuvenating our entire being… “Live-r”.

Can you get us through a Kambo session, how it looks like and would you like to share a story of one of your clients?

Absolutely. So, there are different ways to work with the medicine. I work with it in two different ways.

The first one is therapeutical. So therapeutic is like, no songs, the person is just in their own space with the medicine, with as little interference from the facilitator as possible. And that has some benefits because some people that don’t understand the shamanic practices, or the songs, can become scared or they can become more anxious. When they hear, for example, the drum because the medicine itself increases our heart rate, we begin to feel warm, we begin to feel nauseous.

So, maybe all of these stimuli at once for people that have never experienced something like this is not positive.

I kind of look at the person, look at their age range, what we’re working with as far as if they have a chronic disease, like multiple sclerosis, cancer, tumors, some sort of STD, herpes, etc. And according to that, I place the points, this is something I’ve incorporated into the practice, from a great teacher that you also know, Jaime Soto. He’s a traditional Chinese medicine expert and an energetic doctor. So, I combined Kambo and acupuncture.

In the jungle, I was taught to just simply put the points on the arms on men and the legs on women. And either way, wherever you put the points, the medicine comes in through the lymphatic system. But I found that by targeting the points and specific meridians and specific points in the body, it becomes more targeted. And it helps open up different blockages, different energy centers.

So, to summarize, the two ways is the Shamanic way, which is what I call the spirit of the frog with different chants from the tribe in Peru, and the vibrations which also go into the body and make the purge easier. I found that it’s therapeutic; it’s sometimes hard for people to let go of things, the vibration of the sounds helps people and moves stuff in the body.

So, those are the two ways that I work with medicine.

As far as clients or people that have worked with me and Kambo, there are a lot of people like me, I usually just let the medicine speak for itself. But I’ve seen many, many testimonials.

Right now, off the top of my head, I remember this one huge American guy. He probably took steroids or something because he had a huge tumor under his arm. The underarm is where all the draining of the sweat is and this is a huge point for the lymphatic system. The tumor was the size of a baseball. So we started working together. After about four sessions, the tumor was like the size of a grape. And eventually, the tumor was able to disappear completely without him having to get surgery.

Another one was a guy who came to me as a very promiscuous guy. He came to me with a case of herpes. And according to science, herpes cannot be healed, it can only be controlled. We did about eight sessions with Kambo. When it’s something like cancer, or tumors, or heart disease, or something like that, we have to do more sessions because the recommended number of sessions is three. But when it’s something more specific, we have to go deeper. So, with this guy, we did about eight sessions and his herpes went away. I couldn’t believe it, because he asked me if it could cure herpes. I was like, honestly, I have no idea. Let’s try it out and we’ll see. And we just kept on going and going. And it was gone in eight sessions.

Another one is a professional cyclist that won the Tour of Colombia here. We did three sessions before the event and he won the tour. He was like, “Please man, don’t tell anyone. We did this treatment because I might get tested for some type of steroid or chemical that I might have taken.” I was like, no problem brother, your secret’s safe with me.

It goes to show that medicine is not only for people that are sick because we can always feel better. We can always optimize ourselves and our bodies to feel better and to be happy and to walk the world lighter.

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s there anything you would like to share about your practice, or life advice, anything you feel like sharing right now?

Sure. My message would be to simply investigate, be eternal students of life and find what your gifts are. Don’t identify with the timeline society has for us.

If you’re 30, and you’re not married, and you don’t have kids yet, you’re fine. Take your time to find what your gifts and your medicines are. Try to find a way to leave an impact, even if it’s a grain of sand in the world.

Finding my gifts and sharing them with others is the most fulfilling thing that’s happened to me on my journey. So, as you help others and you give more you also receive and you open up to life’s greatest gifts and blessings that are always here.

At all moments, we just have to open ourselves to receive them.

It’s easier said than done. But it can be done by constantly discovering and rediscovering ourselves. We should never stop asking questions and getting to know ourselves.

Never stop learning.

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