Branding Case Study: Breathwork Coach & Ancestral Medicine Ceremony Facilitator

How this healer base in Colombia can start billing Americans through pushing his online brand?

As part of our 30-Day Abundance Challenge, we build case studies about one member of the mastermind that we can all pitch in some ideas and insights on how this solo entrepreneur can reach his next level.

Yesterday we were helping Ivaylo Govedarov

Ivaylo situation:
- Breathwork coach & Ancestral Medicine Ceremony facilitator
- Offering in-person Healing workshops combining breathwork, cacao, ice bath for 25$
- Offer 1-on-1 breathwork coaching at 50$/h
- No website, just open an IG
- Also running a FB page under a different name @peoplelikeus

Need helps on:
1 — Defining Avatar — who are they?, Pain Points, Solutions to their problems
2 — Setting Up Coaching Packages, Free Offerings Ideas, Business Model
3 — Personal Branding, Instagram Content Strategy / Plan, How do I post, how often do I post. How do I define the topic to post on. What hashtags do I use.
4 — Sales Script, Lead Generation, Landing Page, Funnel, Sales Page

Where should he start?
Which website builder he should use?
What lead magnet he should build?

Ivaylo also later asked what we think of his poster for his next ceremony:

Here’s what our members answered

Fred Lacasse, Co-Founder of OSE Numérique, content agency for real estate brokers.

My suggestion for Ivaylo :
- Better picture on your Instagram account (focus on showing the human side, people smiling at your workshop, lifestyle pics of the session and set up nice picture of your clients, and a nice picture of you)
- Post fewer quotes
- Create branding with logo and specific colors and fonts that you will use with your communications
- Show the results! Show happy clients
- Show the virtual side of your business and service to attract online clients
- Engage with people that follow similar pages and people that have specific hashtags

Andrew Topping, Transformational Coach

Get clear on ideal clientele/core offers
Professional pictures reflecting your service
Change Instagram and Facebook to describe clearly what you do
Compile all pics, videos, testimonials for content creation and add more if needed (ask for testimonials, get pro photos done
Create content and set to auto-post with key hashtags
Like, comment, follow 25 accounts a day who look like the ideal clientele
Instagram live 1 x per week
Post 3–5 x a week
On story daily
Send 10 msgs a day min building relationship with the audience

Jesse Simpsons, Coach & Healer

1. Get super clear on the vision you have for your life and work.
2. Break this vision down to an 18-month goal and then a 90-day goal. Reaching this is your main objective. Should be specific and a stretch, so that it makes you feel uncomfortable but realistic.
3. Based on this get clear on the clientele — who are they, what are their challenges, and their pain points. Speak into those pain points on IG and help them see what’s really going on and how you can help them resolve these with who you are and your services.
4. You can reach out to past clients to find out more about your ideal client avatar, where they want to go, what they need to get there and the challenges they are facing.
5. Based on this feedback you can start to create coaching packages that would fill the gaps. Low tier could be a series of breathwork videos in the form of a course, midtier could be group work and coaching over a few weeks, the high ticket could be a 12-week program
6. After you’ve got a little something going, create or outsource the creation of a website.
7. You can start to give free videos or offerings away as you go.

All throughout these steps and those to come, lean into your discomfort, embody who you aspire to be now, and reach out to the community and me directly for support.

Overall, clarity of vision and avatar comes first. Show up as YOU on social media, create value and you will naturally attract ideal clients. You can build the business, freebies, website, etc. as you go.

Here are documents for a few key components:
- Content Creation:

I use Kajabi for website, course, coaching, funnels, and emails. Here’s a free 28-day trial.

Jf Brou, Author / Book Coach / Mastermind Facilitator

Here’s my take in steps:
1 — keep the same name for ig and fb page, connect them together to have your ig post automatically post on FB
2 — do a photo shoot with Ben in exchange of 1-on-1 coaching sessions
3 — start posting 3–4 a week on IG building a nice page portfolio snapshot of your work and personality
4 — find someone to build your a landing page in exchange of 1-on-1 breathwork coaching
5 — build a lead magnet. (checklist, ebook, workshop recording)
6 — give a free 30min call in the email when people are receiving your freeby
7 — start posting your landing page on different fb groups, reddit groups testing different markets (entrepreneurs, expats, digital nomad, spiritual geeks, etc)
8 — build a 1-on-1 package you’ll upsell after the free coaching call (3 sessions for the price of 2)

ps: your poster I would make them more light, less text. Simple eye-catching photo of a beautiful girl with a title and date. then ask people to write you in person for more info, to build report or engagement in your fb post or when sharing on fb group. Get attention first then sell.

Mateo JL, Kundalini Teacher

Great advice has already been given to you.

I would just like to reinforce one main idea:

1. Your face.
2. Your activities.
3. Your courses.
4. Your clients.

Let it be about you.

What do you think? What is your advice? Comment below.

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