Meet Reem now helping people face their controlling minds.

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This is Tom, an incredible being on a journey to his higher self.

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My dear friend Tom, welcome. Can you present yourself with a bit of a background?

Hi, I’m Tom. I’m from the UK. I’ve been living in Colombia for three years. This is now my new home. I always miss my friends and family, but I go back home enough to say hi to them, I’m very happy here.

I work in marketing; I also have a business that involves clothing that blocks electromagnetic radiation from things such as Wi-Fi, cell phones, antennas, and anything with electromagnetic radiation.

A powerful practice that’ll reconnect you with your soul.

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Sophia, my beautiful friend. I’m so excited. Give me a little background on yourself.

Thank you. I’m excited too.

My name is Sofia and I’m originally from Medellin in Colombia. I’m naturally always very curious about exploring different ways to gain greater consciousness of myself and my environment. For me, it’s very important to find a balance between being a being and being human, the balance between our energy and our body, the feminine and the masculine. I’m constantly searching for ways of doing that.

Through my journey I have done…

Ivaylo is now offering Cacao Ceremony and Plant Medicines retreats.

Welcome, Ivaylo. Please introduce yourself, give us some information about your background.

I’m originally from Bulgaria. When I was 17 I went to live in the UK. I left the UK two years ago, at the age of 29, and came to live in Colombia.

I’ve been connecting more and more with ancestral medicines and various practices of wellbeing that I previously used for myself. Now I facilitate events to spread awareness about breathwork meditation, Tai Chi, Wim Hof Method, and cacao ceremonies. …

Soon, you’ll ear the name of this Shaman everywhere in Medellin

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Welcome, Juan Pablo. Can you let me know a bit about you?

My name is Juan Pablo. I’m half American, half Colombian, what people would call “gringo paisa”. I have a little bit of both cultures in me. I played soccer most of my life, I dedicated my life to sports.

There came a point in my life where that period and time ended. And I felt really confused about what to do because I sacrificed a lot of what a normal kid does. At certain ages, like teenage…

In-depth 50 pages plan that can be replicated to any small B2C businesses

Marketing Plan Cover

How to start living out of your personal brand

There are 3 levels in a bootstrapped business for young entrepreneurs:

1 — Reach 100k$ of annual sales. You need to master Sales and Marketing which include product-market fit, branding, social media management, boosting word to mouth
2 — Reach 500k$ of annual sales. You need to master Operations which include managing a team of 5–6 members, delegating tasks, building Standard Operation system, start a company culture, track KPIs on each business dimension.

3 — Reach 1m$ of annual sales. You need to master leadership skills which include active listening, giving…

Abundance Guided Meditation, Five Books’ Summary on Abundance Mindset, Abundance habits, Positive Money Affirmations

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”

What Is Abundance?

Abundance, a word that is overused by people who don’t really understand the core of it. Abundance is a frequency you can tune in to by connecting and becoming that frequency. But how can one do that, you might ask? Abundance is linked to the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra. So you need to unblock those vortexes of energy by connecting more and more with them through emotional release, meditation, intention, etc.

For the Root Chakra…

How this healer base in Colombia can start billing Americans through pushing his online brand?

As part of our 30-Day Abundance Challenge, we build case studies about one member of the mastermind that we can all pitch in some ideas and insights on how this solo entrepreneur can reach his next level.

Jf Brou — BecomeYourBestVersion


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