8 steps to unfuck yourself from your conditioning and become your best version

Escape your parents and environment patterns

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Society builds us all into unwanted patterns that stop us from blooming into the masterpiece we could become. It is our own job to dig deep, find our own answers to our conditioning and work on separating us from it.

The most common personality test used worldwide. It helps you learn about your strengths & weaknesses, romantic relationships, friendship, parenthood, career path, workplace habits and more. Make the test here in 12 minutes.

Then identify your 2 best relationships match for best friends, business partners, and spouse. In blue on the relationship chart

For the best of you guys, make the Hexaco test to know if you are a good asset in your organization with your level of Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.

And for the craziest of you make the Dark Triad, known as the antisocial test. Every entrepreneurs, actors, models, strippers start their journey with very high Machiavellianism and high Narcissism.

  • Analyze everyone you had a physical or virtual conversation with in the last month. List their name and grade them on 1 to 10 without using the number 7 (safe, good, ok spot). You evaluate them on how you felt after the conversation: more energy, happy, enthusiastic, etc or drained, stressed, demotivated, etc.
  • List all the bad habits that are making you lose time, energy, money, relationships. We are creatures of habits, when you start micro analyzing it you’ll realize habits everywhere: List all GOOD habits you are proud of that give you an edge on other people.
  • Ask 10–20 of your current and past colleagues, “Hey, I’m doing an introspection exercise. What do you think is my strongest professional skill? You should improve that skill to become an expert at it. When you work 1 hour with that skill you provide the most return to your business or organization.
  • List your top 10 values you live with or would like to live by and then circle your top 3 the behaviors that make you act on those values daily/weekly even if you are exhausted or have no time that day/week.
  • What are all the emotions you lived in the last week, what happened and why? (negative emotions are patterns that need to be broken)
  • List your resources (knowledge, contacts, skills, colleagues, assets, experiences, material, etc)
  • What do you like and don’t like to do? (Personal & Professional life)


  • What was the best day of your life and Why?
  • LOVE begins at home. Who in the family has been in the past unwanted, unloved, uncared, forgotten?
  • What are your biggest regrets?


  • What would you do if you knew you had 1 day or 1 week or 1 month to live? (What person would you praise? What trip would you take? What secret would you tell? What book would you write? What knowledge would you share? What community would you create? What show would you put on?)
  • What are your daily worries, what are you scared of, care of the consequence?
  • When do you think of success, who’s the first person that comes to mind and why?


  • What are your 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years dreams?
  • List 20 things you would like to do before you die?
  • What will be your legacy? (Impact on others, known for when you are gone)

The premeditation of evils by Tim Ferriss, watch the Ted Talk here. List down your top fears at the moment stopping you from growing to your best self. Start the sentence with What if I… lose my parents, quit my job, leave my relationship, jump from a plane, do ayahuasca, travel the world for 1 year, quit college, start a business, don’t pay my debt, etc.


What if I…(list your fear happening)
Really ask yourself why are you feeling that way to arrive at the bottom core.
Write 10 worst things that would happen.


How can you prevent these episodes? Or decrease the likelihood of them happening?


Repair. What could I do to repair the damage if my fear happen? Is anyone else in the history of time has figured this out? What would be the benefits of an attempt or partial success? What are the possible good outcomes if you take action?


If I avoid these actions, what would my life look like?
(Emotionally, physically, financially, etc.)
In 6 months, In 1 year, In 3 years

Every 90 days rate, on 1 to 10 without using the number 7, your 7 wellness life dimensions to not have one bad affecting the same way others. When you are not balanced on those 7 wellness life dimensions no matter how hard you’ll work, you’ll always end up stuck into a crazy 8 loop over and over again.

PERSONAL {give back/help/social/community} Note: _______
JOB {daily work, skills, position, domain} Note: _______
BUSINESS {team/organization/clients/industry} Note: _______
RELATIONSHIP {family/core friends/spouse & kids} Note: _______
PHYSICAL {body/health/mental} Note: _______
FINANCE {cash flow/savings/debt/expenses} Note: _______
SPIRITUAL {inner-self/love/mindfulness/gratitude} Note: _______

Choose 1 that you will work intensively in the next 90 days. Which other life dimensions it would improve at the same time. WHY.

Start with identifying 5–10 answers in your personal and professional life to each of the 4 ikigai quadrant questions above:

1 — What do you LOVE? (in your personal and professional life, the contrary of what you hate)
2 — What are you GOOD AT? (that you might like or not like to do)
3 — What does the WORLD NEED? (from your own perspective & vision of the world)
4 — What can I get PAID FOR? (the skills you bring on the table to grow your organization)

Then with your answers above do your quadrant of success:

5 — What you LOVE plus you are good at? (PASSION)
6 — What you don’t LOVE plus you are good at? (PAYING YOUR BILLS)
7 — What you LOVE plus are not good at yet? (POTENTIAL) (learn more, not yet an expert)
8 — What you don’t LOVE plus are not good at? (DAILY TASKS)

Finish this exercise with a Purpose statement of one sentence. Make it clear that it is your reason to wake up and grow, serve people/world, give back, inspire humans.

Watch this video of Jay Shetty for in-depth explanations.

We need a vision to grow but we need to be grounded, grateful, humble of what we’ve been through, of our current resources and relationships. Our goal is to live in the now in every situation, moment, second. Act like you’ll die tomorrow, grow like you’ll live 100 years. Write a 5–10 lines gratitude statement of your life right now.

And why not finish it with strengthening yourself talks with I AM affirmations. Link them to your Physical self, Mental self, and Emotional self.

I AM _____________________________

From everything you go above, write a 3 years vision of 1 page (4–5 paragraphs) written in the present tense mentioning your personality, criteria of your relationships, purpose, habits you are proud of, values, virtues, fears faced, experiences you are living, resources you have, type of location, situation, work, business, finance, spirituality, physical dimension, a community you are part of, etc..

Then make a vision board and dream book. This is why cavemen drew their dinners on the rocks before hunting. Use canva.com to translate your vision visually with photos, quotes, statements, models, drawings, colors, etc. Carry this visualization tool with you every day or hang it in a place you see it daily. For the moment, put 2 photos for each of the ideal 7 life dimensions vision.

The best way to build your 7 wellness life dimensions is to build a community around your personality, purpose, values, vision, and passions. Serve yourself as a client of your company, you’ll know the market by heart. This could easily become a business if you push hard never give up or it can be turned into a non-profit or it can stay small to satisfy your personal life.

“The person you’ll be in 5 years
is based on the top 5 persons you pass the most time with
and the book you read RIGHT NOW”

Would you like to BECOME YOUR BEST VERSION? ❤️💸🚀
Do this FREE workbook filled with the most effective tools that I spent thousands of dollars to get and years learning from the best in the business.
➡️➡️ http://bit.ly/Workbook-Become-Your-Best-Version