16 techniques to make the most of your self-development journal

Your best friend and souvenir archive

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From the New York Times Best Selling Author Tim Ferriss's most recent book Tools of Titans which he will resume his past 200 podcast interviews of billionaires, icons and world-class performers. He realized that all those successful people had 3 habits in common: Meditation, Journaling and having a Life Coach or Mentor.

Personally building a strong daily habit of journaling in a beautiful self-development journal is by far the habit I’m most proud of and that I can’t suggest enough. Over the years you’ll pass 3–4 journal per year that one day you’ll explore back again. On that day you’ll realize how deeply you have grown, you’ll remember deep though memorize that will bring you back to your true essence and you cry your life of gratitude for the journey of bumpy rides that lead you to who you are today.

Here’s all the content you explore in your journal:

Let your thoughts flow on the paper without letting the pen stop touching the journal. You can’t stop 5 seconds to think of what you’ll write, just write whatever words that come. Be the instrument of the universe.

Brain dump all ideas and emotions before going to sleep. List down 3 amazing things that happened today. Write what you are excited about tomorrow, it will help you get up on fire.

Use the end of the journal for that. At the end of each month resume you accomplishment per cycle of life dimensions (Job, Business, Personal, Physical, Spiritual, Finance, Relationships). Things that you did, that happened, that you are proud of, your wins. And also list 2–3 goals for each for the next month.

Every morning write down 3 things you are the most grateful of. Go into the most little tiny things, God is in the details.

List down daily 3 affirmation starting by I AM… love, gratitude, confident, sexy, playful, a giver, etc.

Draft an article idea that it’s your head or poem or why not the script of your next public speaking speech.

You don’t need to be rich to travel, sometimes a small escape outside the town will give you that same feeling. Go on and write down about those feelings you lived while exploring something new. The positive stories will bring you joy for days.

Write down your golden nuggets get away from the book you are reading now. List your core concepts you need to work on. Quotes, ideas, key phrase you would like to remember coming out of your daily learning habit.

Again I like to use the end of the journal for that. Plan your week, your month and most importantly your year. I highly suggest that you transcribe those plans into a google doc that you print to always remind and push yourself.

List down 3 goals that if you accomplish today it will make you grow to the next level.

Again I like to use the end of the journal for that. Any introspection exercises you stumble on in your research or book reading. You can get my top 20+ introspection in the Become Your Best Version workbook.

Set your journal open with a pen ready on a table next to your bed. The moment your mind and senses open, that feeling you are back into your body, pull out all the strength you have to write everything you can remember. Colors, symbols, animals, person, location, settings, smell. Everything is important. It is not so much in the story but the things that symbolize something for your real life. Connect with the universe to guide you toward the right path.

Print a copy of your 3 years vision you did in the Become Your Best Version workbook and keep it in your journal that you read it daily. Also, go ahead writing more details of that vision during your daily journaling, it will enhance the law of attraction.

This idea is coming from Jim Rohn. On the day that you want to quit that you are exhausted and you just want to shift your life. Write down number one, what is not working?. Second, what barriers are coming up? Third, write down 10 other ideas you can do to improve per barriers. Finally, end the exercise with affirming “I will not quite” and other top motivation affirmation then list down the top habit you can implement to change your life. The Kaizen principle habit that makes fall all bigger dominoes.

There’s going to be sometimes that you skip one day that may lead to many other days. It’s ok, don’t be too hard on yourself, we are all humans. That moment you get back to journaling, list down all the dates you’ve missed and list one thing that you can remember from that day. A feeling, an event, a positive thing, etc. It will help you get you back on track.

Write a fully open letter to someone you still have some hates or miscommunication with. Write down all our truth that you feel right now. Let go of the negative emotions, the things they have done to you, the things that you wish they would understand, the things that you regret saying or doing. Let everything out. Obviously you won't send that emotional letter to that person but it will help you be more at peace with the person and situation.

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen”
- Jack Kerouac

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